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  Hello, I was operated on 09/17 by DR SkanderLouhichi, everything went very well. After a week I am 7 kilos lost. the welcome from the clinic staff was very warm and friendly and above all always caring for the patients. Professionalism and price level can not be better than Dr. SkanderLouhichi. Again thank you to him and his team for their welcome.


  Hello, I have been operated on for 2 years: Thank you so many times dear doctor skander for saving my life, thanks to you I have managed to change my life, to have confidence in myself, to feel good about myself , thank you my dear doctor from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism. You are the best of the best thankyou.

Antonio Mario

  Hello everyone, 50 years 107 kg, after many searches for a sleeve on the internet and some contacts I found Dr. SkanderLouhichi, did some research and that great testimonials, I contacted him by email and very quickly he answers me, immediately I contact him by phone, quickly see his professionalism, some contacts an appointment is made and 30 days later received at Monastir airport with my wife who is accompanying me, or someone took care of me to accompany me to the clinic. Arrived on November 5, 2018, immediately taken care of at the El YOSR clinic, everything organized, arrived in my room shortly after Dr. Louhichi visited me and explained the course of the day to me, made the necessary examinations in the day, operated on November 6, 18, two days after I am early and in good shape and without pain almost as if I had suffered nothing, the DR came to visit me twice a day and I could ask him all the questions that I wanted to do this all week long, I would like to emphasize that her listening, her sympathy, her availability and her very friendly, very professional, very competent medical team, a clinic like one feels at home. I'm on D + 6 and I'm in great shape. Once again thank you thank you, for your sympathy and your professionalism as well as all the care team of the clinic El Yosr who were spectacular, me and my wife we ​​spent a wonderful week A thousand thanks


  Hello, Pleasantly surprised by the good progress of the intervention. Listening surgeon who responds to emails adequately. I was not loose in nature; a team (a nurse + the driver) picked me up at the airport. For the return, these people even accompanied me to the end. Arriving on site, a paramedical team took over, conscientious and very present. No superfluous service offered, the room was spacious and clean, the meal generous and good. The whole team had a kind, pleasant attitude. The intervention went very well, it was quick. Doctor Skander Louhichi came to visit me even several times a day. The pains were really bearable, the refeeding was done without problem. I left the clinic with the video of the intervention (best report that one can imagine). -7kg in one week, the loss continues. Concerning the scars, it is too early to speak about it but the points were very well carried out, clean work. I am available by email to answer any questions (I have probably forgotten things).


  I needed a second chance, thank god the dr louhichi gave it to me I'm starting to live again. I had surgery on OCT 02 2018, it has already gone 19 kilos lighter I am very satisfied.


  I had a Sleeve on 04/03/2018 in Sousse in Tunisia. I was operated on by Doctor LOUHICHI Skander whom I would like to congratulate for all the support he gave me as well as the magnificent job he did with a very professional team. I had time, in three days, to realize how great the service is. Each and everyone there shows, from morning to evening, rare human qualities. The whole team, attentive and sincere, is attentive to the patient and looking for his physical and moral comfort. Today, I have lost 20 kg and I am starting to discover the joy of living! To you, Dr. LOUHICHI and all your efficient team, all my respectful gratitude.

Sabrina Ach.

  Hello, I was in moderate obesity and nobody wanted to hear me in France not well in my skin I had a bad being but his person did not want to hear it so I decided to do it abroad do several research and I came across that of Dr. skanderlouhichi testimonials my friend in confidence that's why I leave you one I started by contacting him he immediately put me in confidence always present to all my questions, so I started my operation took place on April 24, 2018 all 'first I met Dr skanderlouhichi at his office hosting the meeting and again I was immediately put in confidence I was reassured he is really someone very good, very human, and what is the operation all c went well in addition the nurse its very competent very kind to your little care really very professional and friendly all hospital clean nothing to say its done that 3 weeks I am less 6 kl very satisfied with it today i am fine do not hesitate Dr. skanderlouhichi is really a good surgeon very competent thank you doctor. I take over everything and am confident for the future ....


  hello, I would like to add my testimony, I was in moderate obesity therefore not operable in France that is why I turned to doctor SkanderLouhichi specialist in obesity I therefore launched and had surgery on April 12 , I am extremely satisfied with my welcome indeed when I arrived I saw myself surrounded by very professional nurse and just as adorable as each other (taking care with me) the clinic is beautiful and equipped with the most modern technology as for Doctor SkanderLouhichi, extremely warm, human, a great professional listener. So here I am today, 7 kg lost and a new life begins for me I highly recommend Doctor SkanderLouhichi and his services.


  Hello, I was operated on December 26 by Doctor Skander for a Sleeve. Arrived at 11:40 am at the airport and Pick-up immediately with my husband. Room similar to French hospitals, with attentive staff. As soon as we arrived in the room, the doctor came to introduce himself with his team. Operated in the following hours, the operation went very smoothly, it lasted 55 min, I did not encounter any post op problems. Each day we had the right to a visit from Doctor Skander morning and evening, a very professional reassuring and attentive person. We stayed 5 days, then someone dropped us off at the airport. To date it has been 15 days since the operation took place I am - 7,600 kilos a good start. I thank Doctor Skander and his entire team.


  Hello, At the end of my surgical operation carried out on 04/10/2017 by doctor LouhichiSkander I wanted to bring to everyone my testimony on this operation of which I would remain septic because it scared me but of which I am very satisfied today hui. I was prepared psychologically from a distance and am effectively feared by Dr. Louhichi who showed them very understanding. The day before the operation, I was greeted in very good material and moral conditions, from the airport to the EL YOSR clinic 10 vis rue HarrounErrachid 4000 Sousse. The operation was completed on schedule, which was originally planned. Everything went well. The follow-up and the post-operative accompaniment are going well until today 1 month 3 weeks After I have not yet encountered any problem or side effect. Thus, I would like to thank Doctor LouhichiSkander for all of these reasons and in particular for his professionalism, and the mastery of his profession I also thank the entire nursing team and highly recommend Dr. LouhichiSkander. Zara Fatima Thank you again my life changed !!!!!

Zara fatima

  It's been almost a year since Dr. Skander gave me back my freedom of movement. I just wanted to publicize the result of my sleeve. 1 year ago I weighed 92kg then Dr Skander intervened and I now weigh 55kg. I am thinking of going back to Sousse for a breast augmentation once. I hope that the surgeon will be as competent as Dr. Skander because it is thanks to him that I have complete confidence in Tunisia.


  Hello, I would like to thank in particular Doctor SkanderLouhichi for his attention and listening. Like a lot of you, I hesitated to get started for the Tunisian dream. I had I admit fear of the unknown and the distance to undergo a sleeve. I first discovered Doctor Louihichi on the net and surprised I only read good testimonials. I therefore decided to contact him for more information. He knew how to find the words to reassure me, available at all times. After sending him my reports, we agreed on a date on February 27, 2016. I was picked up from the airport to the clinic where the doctor was waiting for me at 10:30 pm to find out what happened and to reassure me. The 28 day of the intervention. The 29 stood for a few steps and an "amazing" Olympic form. The entire medical team listened, patient, serious and very professional "close monitoring" of good memories. 3 later, I was free and extremely well. So I invite all those who hesitate to get started, do not hesitate above all. I went home like nothing had happened and delighted. I will send you my mobile number if you have any questions for me and I will sincerely come back to them. 0782302727