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  • by Karim
  • 29 janvier 2021

    I operated on a sleeve on September 17, 2018 by doctor skander louhichi I am 26 years old, my weight was then 121.2kg for 1.7m, I was still overweight and I suffered a lot, and I was always afraid of these types of operations until I saw the perfect results of my sister’s operation which even was operated by dr Skander in 2016 so one day I made the decision, my operation was well gone, the sleeve does not provide any physical pain , even the fatigue is not as important as I thought, thank you never enough doctor Skander for his professionalism and his competence, and besides all his team (the inferiors, the clinic ..)

    today after 6 weeks I have lost 18 kilos, a whole new life which started since September 17 last I feel more active, e good health and more beautiful, in short I am for the sleeve has 100% provided to be very surrounded. You have to choose your doctor well and you do not find more competent, serious and understanding than doctor skander louhichi thanks to him me and my sister we have more confidence in ourselves.