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  • by Karim
  • 29 janvier 2021

    Hello everyone who hesitates to embark on a great adventure with Doctor SkanderLouihichi. After several consultations in France, social security refused me intervention like 90% of us. So I turned to Tunisia and there big surprise, I discovered Doctor Louihichi. I contacted him and I quickly noticed by telephone the professionalism and thoroughness of the doctor. No decision was made without sending the balance sheets. I was reassured about the progress of the stay and the intervention. After validation, an appointment was set 15 days later. I was picked up from the airport and received the same day by the doctor and the healthcare team. Arrived on the 27th, I was operated on the 28th, 2 days after I was on my feet as fresh as a rose. No pain. I even felt like I had suffered nothing. The doctor visited me twice a day, I could ask him as many questions as I wanted and that all week. I would like to underline his attentiveness, his availability, his kindness and a very competent and very friendly medical team, always available. The anesthesiologist also visited me every day. A clinic where you don’t feel out of place. So ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to contact Doctor Louihichi, your dream is in his hands. I am at d + 7 and I am in great shape.