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  • by Karim
  • 29 janvier 2021


    Hello, I was in moderate obesity and nobody wanted to hear me in France not well in my skin I had a bad being but his person did not want to hear it so I decided to do it abroad do several research and I came across that of Dr. skanderlouhichi testimonials my friend in confidence that’s why I leave you one I started by contacting him he immediately put me in confidence always present to all my questions, so I started my operation took place on April 24, 2018 all ‘first I met Dr skanderlouhichi at his office hosting the meeting and again I was immediately put in confidence I was reassured he is really someone very good, very human, and what is the operation all c went well in addition the nurse its very competent very kind to your little care really very professional and friendly all hospital clean nothing to say its done that 3 weeks I am less 6 kl very satisfied with it today i am fine do not hesitate Dr. skanderlouhichi is really a good surgeon very competent thank you doctor. I take over everything and am confident for the future ….