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  • by Karim
  • 29 janvier 2021


    Here I weighed 98kilos for 1m61 at the start with a BMI of 38, since in Belgium it was not supported I doc decided to do the Sleeve in Tunisia, the price was more affordable! I was afraid but when I arrived at the clinic and my first meeting with the surgeon, I was confident, I did my sleeve in January 2013, operation went very well, awakening a little painful (which is normal ), very happy with my scars because they are all fine, today we don’t even see them anymore … rapid weight loss … 1 year and a half after the sleeve I got pregnant, everything went well, I only took 10kilos during my pregnancy and I then lost 13 again! 3 years after the sleeve I weigh 57kilos with a BMI of 22, I am very happy and have absolutely no regrets. Thanks again to Doctor Skander for changing my life! 😉